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Accurate Punches To The Body

Madsen is deadly efficient with punches to the body and torso. Madsen's students have learned to fully brace themselves whenever he's coming through with a punch. Don't doubt the power this man can create by utilizing the power of his hips and lower body - this is where the real power comes from. If you would like to view Madsen's original site, Big Muscle Factory, the best plan would be to Google the name and try to find it. Madsen keeps some secrets hidden, even from his closest friends.
Karate Master Madsen 2 - What Can't He Do?
Interested In Learning From The Best?

We have one of the premier dojos on the East Coast, with a teacher who is second to none. If you are interested in joining our dojo and gaining instruction from the best of the best, please visit us in New York City and see what all the fuss is about. Madsen has started a line of legal steroids that help others achieve the nearly super-human strength of Madsen Himself. Check them out, as they come highly recommended.